Vision without an action is a daydream


Vision, such a nice word. A set of ideas, collected in our imagination. Good to have them, to let them crystallize, yet not keep them inside for too long. Everything needs its time, unfortunately, it won't take any form itself and it's fully up to you if you are going to give it any meaning. The inevitable factor of action is the one we will talk about now.

As you could have already read my previous article about what mostly caused this change, let's immediately get into details and specific ideas. Below, I'm sharing the major established goals.


art & design, branding, thoughts


Everything connected to art. Ranging from music and videography to interior styling. 

In branding section, I will be writing about interesting brands that in my opinion deserve more recognition, as well as contemplating over big players and trying to understand them better. As I finished studies in this field, I don't see a better place to start a conversation about something that we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. Look around you, name 10 brands the closest to you. Ever wondered why they ended up there?

Thoughts, so now and then I share my point of view.


personal, city guides, authorial series


Personal. Basically, I already have 32 videos written down. I've been doing this for over a year and wish to visualize at least some of them. I've been carrying the little notebook of my grandma almost everywhere and kept saving every valuable thought on its pages. I want them to have a meaning, be inspirational, yet still to entertain. All about the balance.

City guides. While the articles in this field will get into specifics, the main focus of the videos will be cities themselves. To give the feeling of a place, share the way it sounds and bring the indescribable vibes.

Series. Something I'll need a budget for. Won't reveal too much at this point.


exploration & inspiration


Places to sleep, rest and get inspired, like well-designed hotels, stores or art galleries. The section will be complemented with videos and interviews with locals.