INKredible experience

 A place where stories are
yet to be written.

You enter a building. You see a tree in the middle and a lovely bench around it. Walls are covered with press letters and illustrations. Some details are made of brass on which there are some fingerprints. Is it a vintage telephone? Oh, a typewriter is also here!


Guess where you are.

De Tijd

You’re in a former printing house and headquarters of the Dutch newspaper called De Tijd („The Times”), currently transformed into a hotel that properly cultivates its legacy.

At the INK Hotel Amsterdam, everything resonates the rich history of the building. You already see that the place tells a story itself and you are about to start writing your own.

New definition of luxury

This place is a heaven for a modern urban traveler looking for an extraordinary hotel experience, without any artificial pompousness. If you're one to appreciate incredible design and high-quality service, won't be disappointed.

What I find really interesting at the INK Hotel is the friendly atmosphere created by the personnel. They don’t wear nametags as they aim for a more direct contact with the guests. Even the reception, an enclosed space in most hotels, here is just a simple desk.

Surrounded by art

 References to typography and graphic arts are noticeable in every detail. Even now the hotel cultivates its legacy collaborating with creators. One of them even marks his presence in all of the rooms!

When I first looked at the wall illustrations, I immediately knew who was responsible for them. Back in the Summer of 2015, I bought a book called „The Soft Atlas of Amsterdam” - a beautiful publication full of hand drawn perspective from daily life in Amsterdam. The author happened to be Jan Rothuizen and he's the one who worked on the wall designs for the INK Hotel. You can also enjoy the book in your room and even buy a signed version.

(I wish I had this opportunity 2 years ago!)

No, it's not dirty.

The material pictured on the left, previously used in the printing press, currently adds an interesting value to the chic rooms at INK Hotel.

If you look closely, you will see fingerprints stamped into the brass. They are there to remind us that everything we do leaves a trace and every item tells a story.

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Drinkable INK? Yes, please!

The bar, where you can now sit and enjoy a delicious cocktail, is exactly where the printing press was located. That’s why it’s called the pressroom.

Their signature cocktail, the "INK Redible" is made with a drinkable ink. When I first heard about it, my mind was blown! The idea alone was so fascinating that I didn't even think about the taste before trying it.

But of course, as everything I've encountered in this hotel, the drink was perfect.

INK Hotel Amsterdam MGallery by Sofitel

Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure to discover your story and write a bit of my own.