Photo: Weronika Dali

Here are my answers to the most frequently asked questions. I've already been answering them in comments and direct messages many times, but let's make some things officially and ultimately clear.

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Is Dali your full name?

Nope, although it starts with Dani and I didn't go too far from that, Dali is part of my online identity that has helped me being remembered faster. This slightly modified abbreviation worked really well over the last years, call me this way.

Where are you based?

Originally I'm Polish, whose parents live in two different countries; Poland and France. On top of that, all of my romantic relationships happened to connect me with the Dutch. (And if it's not enough, my very best friend lives in Belgium.) Most of the pictures I share online are taken in The Netherlands, so it might confuse you, but I'm systematically in all of the mentioned countries. (Catch me if you can *blink*)

What's your profession?

I'm qualified brand strategy specialist, with university degree. I studied image communication, which consists of way more than this, including elements of public relations or advertising, however, my specialization was branding.

Holistically looking, it's pretty rare to hear, but I absolutely loved my studies and really appreciate the way they developed me. The fact that I can currently use my analytical and strategic skills while working with brands and share the effects of it in the digital world, is the best imaginable scenario.

What are your ideas for future?

That depends whether we look at it from long-term or short-term perspective.

In a short-term perspective, my main focus will be developing my entire online activity. Creating and improving content for all of my platforms, building and pursuing relationships with brands I love and looking for new business opportunities.

In a long-term perspective, I have written down a 5-staged plan, which realization requires a budget. With that said, in order to achieve it, I first need to work hard with everything above. I won't get into details at this point, but I can reveal, that it will lead to something more physical.