There's  so much "motivational" content being thrown at us from all possible directions. Whether it is another handbook on how to have a happy life  (you know, the doors to the life full of success will open to you for the only 19,99$ + shipping fee) or a video of an overly hyped man yelling at you just do it or don't let your dreams be dreams.

Initially, I wanted to do a separate entry covering motivation related subjects, but since there's so much content worth sharing, why not make sets of selections? It doesn't always have to make you reflective, let's also bring playfulness and everything in between.


The dinosaurs aren't remembered for much more than their bones.

Listen to Kanye talking about personal legacy in juxtaposition with the legacy of the entire mankind and how we can be different from dinosaurs.

Unity. Acting collectively, putting aside what keeps us apart and standing together instead of bringing each other down. We all like to feel an affiliation with a certain group. It’s in our genes, it’s natural and it's good as long as we don't antagonize others because together, undoubtedly, we can do more.

(On another note, I didn't want to make a comment on Kanye himself, until I read the following: "Scary how the media has tricked so many people into thinking he is just some rich idiot... Kinda makes me wonder what else they been using to manipulate us." Interesting, huh?)


If you need inspiring words, don't do it.

Honesty and realism. Sharing difficulties and mistakes, rather than blind optimism. A compilation where Elon covers the danger associated with risk, benefits of fatalism and differences between genius and delusion. In contrary to misleading half-truths about overnight success, this is what I find highly motivational.

I know there's a group of people that finds it motivational when somebody screams at you get your shit done, but to me, it's pretty empty. It might be empowering for a few hours after watching, but in long term, I end up looking for something deeper.

An understanding. Elon said that well thought-out criticism is valuable. It's indeed nothing new, but when you compare it with the popular saying Don't focus on what other people think, they're just jealous, it somehow loses the competition. It's true that criticism isn't always well thought-out, people sometimes get jealous, but when we put it aside, it's pretty risky to deliberately put yourself in the "I'm always right" state of mind, don't you think?

In fact, one of the greatest methodologies used by designers all around the world, the Design Thinking, includes facing the potential criticism, which in the end gives you more possibilities for improvements.


These paved streets will transform into complex ecosystems.

Finally, a highly enjoyable satire about the fashion world and all the fuss around it. Looking at the event and all the thrills and spills from this perspective is just hilarious. Moreover, surprisingly, the video was produced by one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world. Chapeau bas for showing that no matter how seriously we want to be perceived, there will always be some that can laugh at their own conservative environments.

Let's take is as a snappy reminder not to take everything too seriously.