Technically each day is the same for everyone. Therefore what you remember from most of them, is a blurred pattern.

Yes, there's a simple, yet rarely occurred conclusion to that. The way we spend our days, is the way we spend our lives.

What were you doing 5 weeks ago on Wednesday?

So am who I? A modern woman in her early 20s, that decided to spend her days on fighting for her dreams (just kidding, everyone rolls their eyes here) following her instincts.

Sentences of 2-year old kids are full of why's, what for's. Of course, it wouldn't be appropriate to question everything surrounding you, while holding your university diploma. Naturally, most of the grown-ups feel way more comfortable answering questions, than the opposite. Due to that, it's easy to lose your fascination, when you think you know everything about life and how this world works. What is Dalighted then? A place full of enriching questions.