SINCE 2014


The new story would be incomplete without putting some light on its background.

Let's face it.

A lot has changed in the blogging industry over these last few years. It doesn't matter if you're inside or outside of it, the game-changing moments were too impactful to ignore them. From an observer's perspective, it might be seen as an interesting change of times, in terms of media or communications and taking into consideration social media, human relationships. The aspect worth chewing over is the approach when you not only consume these goods, but you also found yourself on the other side of this change.

Well, this one is about me.

I’ve recently read a report by Convert Kit, „State of the blogging industry, 2017” according to which, professional content creators are most likely to set a goal of becoming self-employed, building their own company or creating a platform for creative expression. I wouldn't consider this as an unpredictable discovery, but there's a different thing that made me wonder. What does it really take to be a professional creator nowadays?

The majority would say that you're a pro when your position allows you to do it full-time and you're able to make a living out of it. There are a lot of sources of income in this industry, but the ones coming from social media start taking over. Yes, that's one of the changes I was talking about. Wouldn't this phenomenon explain the increase of perfectly curated Instagram feeds with more planned and editorial content? Not to mention brands, that extend their budgets dedicated to social media influencer campaigns. Sounds serious enough?

With that in mind, as weird as is sounds, if curating an Instagram account will actually get you way closer to pursuing one of these established goals, it's the right time to overcome the idea, that you dedicate your potential future to „just” social media platform... And adjust to current reality instead.

Sounds good, okay, bye.

Social media undoubtedly have the power. Like never before. Unfortunately, it's not a full image and there is a really tricky thing about them. You don't own anything there. You do not own Instagram. You do not own Facebook. You do not own YouTube. In fact, you do not own any social media platform and have zero control over it and it's future. Do they inform you about the changes they plan? Do they ask your opinion before implying them? You have to agree on every condition, whether it is or isn't beneficial for you. Would you like to be fully dependent on something that from user's perspective is so vague?

You have to agree on every condition, whether it is or isn't beneficial for you. Would you like to be fully dependent on something that from user's perspective is so vague?

With all of that in mind, do I still believe in future of blogging? I do, but not in the outdated form we sill associate it with. I think a lot of creators lost the idea (including me last year) of how to keep the websites exciting when most of their work could be shared in between other accounts that are being followed. Take fashion blogging as an example. If you see an outfit you like with brands being tagged in the picture, the chances that you will head to the website, to see the same outfit just from different angles, decreases, doesn't it? Or how to explain the immense growth of 60-second beauty videos that are running the Instagram and very often hit more views than the original 10 minute YouTube versions?

As long, as it offers something exclusive. Something that any other platform won’t bring your audience and you will be able to deliver additional value, unique experience. And most importantly, it's fully yours.

Out of many places, where the same content is shared, people will most likely choose to consume it from the most convenient source. It's logical, I don't blame it. Even though I think that the future lies in a video form, I still believe that if you tell a certain group of people that you respect their time, yet give a solid reason to follow you a bit further, they eventually will get out of the "click, done, next" type of relationship.

I spent a lot of time thinking about ways for usage of this website, in times of social media dominance. Whether it's worth it to invest my time into producing it was never a question. The one last missing aspect is my current vision, which I will be sharing in the next article. As I consider the previous chapter to be closed, everything posted before won't be visible anymore. I didn't expect fresh starts to be so exciting.

Welcome back.